Once you decide you’d rather invest in a Wendy House than spend a fortune on extending your home to accommodate an extra bedroom, home office or garden hideaway, you naturally need to know who to contact, to make sure your Wendy will be a quality-build.

Your best bet is to start the journey with the #1 Wendy House Suppliers and Installers in South Africa, Mutsamvi! This is a team that has over 9 years’ worth of experience under the belt, along with a great reputation for building affordable Wendy Houses that are of the highest quality and durability.

This is a company that can build you everything from a state of the art log cabin to a shed or comfy cottage, in any size or shape that will suit your requirements.

Once owner Life and his team has erected your Wendy House or log cabin, you have free reign to turn it into exactly what you want, adding finishing touches and splurging a bit on good paint to make it uniquely yours, turning it into something far more than a shed that hides a multitude of junk!

Let’s look at a few ideas in terms of what you can do with a Wendy House for a start:

Wendy Home Office

With so many people having been forced to work from home under lockdown restrictions, and for those who will continue to do so, space has become an issue, especially with kids in the home.

If you need peace and quiet in which to work from home, nothing can be better than a Wendy House transformed into an attractive, comfy office that gives you exactly what you need to continue bringing in the bread.

How would you like an office like this? Of course the décor and style is entirely up to you!

Source: https://za.pinterest.com/pin/558587160023617375/?nic_v2=1aOjsCcoO


Wendy Garden Hideaway

As kids we had the option of a tree house to use as a hideaway, but as adults, we can do the same thing for lazy afternoons and sunny mornings, except that ours will be on the ground in the form of a homely garden hideaway.

Making sure it’s in the right position to get the most out of it is important of course, but, how you rig it out, whether for reading, listening to music or daydreaming, will come from your own ideas. The one below is simply a little inspiration for when your Wendy is completed and installed by Mutsamvi!

Remember, you don’t have to start big, just add here and there as you go and before you know it, you’ll have your dream Wendy garden hideaway! Naturally if it’s a man cave you want, you’ll be leaving out the lilac!

Image Source: https://za.pinterest.com/pin/230528074662850156/?nic_v2=1aOjsCcoO


Wendy Garden Bedroom

It’s going to cost you a lot less to invest in a Wendy House, than it will to do an extension on your home, which makes it the ideal way of adding an extra bedroom or two on your property. Again, you don’t have to start big with the décor. There are a myriad of ways to save money on décor if you look at repurposing old furniture or anything else you can lay your hands on!

A Wendy garden bedroom is a great way to keep your teenager at home and still give them a bit of the freedom they all long for as they become young adults! You can also make it a wonderful guest cottage that has all the bells and whistles to keep guest out of your hair and them their own space too!  In fact, you can turn it into extra money by renting it out during holiday seasons!

Here’s a little inspiration for you to get going on a cosy Wendy garden bedroom!

Source: https://za.pinterest.com/pin/90001692542180757/?nic_v2=1aOjsCcoO


Make sure it’s a Mutsamvi Wendy house or log cabin!

No matter what you plan to do with your Wendy house, start with the team at Mutsamvi Log Homes and Wendy’s, to make sure that you start with the very best in quality, before you start transforming it into your dream project!


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