There is absolutely no denying that our economy has been every bit as hard-hit as the rest of the world with the COVID-19 pandemic, which means that there’s even less money to go around than there was before the virus hit and business ground to a devastating halt.

Many families have had to pool resources to survive, especially where jobs have been lost and homes along with them, and, as we begin a gradual climb out of the darkest of these times, many families are looking at low cost housing to bring everyone together on one property.

Most people think that low cost housing means the housing will look cheap, but then they haven’t seen the unmistakable, exceptional quality produced by Mutsamvi Log Homes & Wendy Houses!

Ultimately, Mutsamvi has put their money where their mouth is when it comes to providing affordable Wendy Houses and other wooden structures, and this team, led by owner Life, has proven that a Wendy house can be stylish, comfortable and attractive!

The repertoire of this experienced team, based on 9 years spent designing and building quality Wendy Houses and Log Cabins, includes the construction of wooden cottages (great for gran!), wooden sheds to delight anyone that needs space for tools and other grown-up toys, right through to wooden classrooms.

There’s no Wendy House or wooden structure that this team can’t raise in style, and on time! Every Wendy House is made from quality materials, giving clients homes that will withstand the hottest summers or coldest winters, like no other.

Taking all of this into account, it stands to reason that you can expect nothing less than the finest in wooden decks from this team as well, designed and manufactured to make the most of the South African climate.

It’s always your choice

Whether you’re planning a state of the art wooden house with 3 bedrooms and adjoining garage, a guest Wendy House for granny and other guests, or for family members who have lost homes in these troubling times, Life and his team will work with you to build exactly what you need, and then some!

It’s always about respect for your budget

When you choose Mutsamvi to build your wooden structure, whether a Wendy House or state of the art Wooden house, you’ll be dealing with a team you can trust implicitly to respect your budget, and then to show you how to get the most out of it.

It’s always about delivering on time

Life and his team are thoroughly committed to delivering every project on time, every time, which is a quality not many can boast of! Imagine it; work starting on your brand spanking new 6x6m wooden cottage on Monday, and standing in front of your completed home 4 days later! Well, this is the kind of service delivery you can expect from Mutsamvi Log Homes & Wendy Houses!

It’s always about trust

Trust is a very hard-earned quality these days, yet, customer after customer, over a period of 9 years, has taken the step to pay a deposit before work can begin on their new home, and there is yet to be one who would hesitate to recommend Life, his team and the professionalism they display on each project!

Ready to invest in a quality Wendy House or Wooden home?

Investing in a quality wooden structure is one that will give returns like no other, and, if you’re ready to get the ball rolling, whether towards a Wendy House, stunning wooden deck or office, contact Mutsamvi today to get the inside track on where to start.

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