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 Mutsamvi Construction Company

The floor is a 19mm Tongue & Groove SA Pine which is fitted on to floor beams either 38mm x 76mm, 38mm x 114mm or 38mm x 152mm depending on the size of the house, spaced 450 mm from center. The floor planks are fitted with 63 mm oval nails.

There is also 22mm and 32mm Floor. Wiĺl use these one on customer request.

Wall Panels
The wall panels are manufactured with S5 grade timber which is treated with woodock or Color Dip. NB: THIS OPTION IS AVAILABLE FROM  CUSTOMER REQUEST. CCA treated timber that we use for Cladding. CCA treatment is a waterborne copper chrome arsenic preservative used for preserving timber. During the treatment process the three active ingredients are carried into the wood by the water. Each has a function to perform: Copper is the fungicide to prevent rot, Arsenic is the insecticide to prevent insect attack and Chrome fixes them both to the timber in a chemical reaction. When the treatment process is over and the timber is dry the fixation is permanent thus keeping the chemicals from washing out.
Construction of wall panels
The frame gets built with either 38mm x 50mm or 38mm x 76mm S5 grade timber, uprights are spaced 450 mm center to center. On the external side of the frame is cladded with 16 mm Logs. On the internal side of the frame 6 mm Rhino boards are installed (9mm or 12mm are optional). (sisolation gets fixed before 6 mm or 12mm  Rhinoboard drywalling is installed. ) this is upon customer request.
Internal Doors
All internal doors are fitted in pine door frames. The internal doors are standard 3.2 mm hardboard (Hollow core) interior doors.
All windows are manufactured form Pine timber. (Standard) Pine cottage pane. Aluminum windows can also be fitted which is upon to client request


The stilts (Poles 125×150 diameter) are H4 CCA treated. H4 CCA treatment is specially for external use. The base frame is constructed from S5 grade timber 38mm x 114mm, 152mm x 38mm or 228mm x 38mm bearers. Main bearers are bolted to the stilts with 12 mm treaded rod. Every stilt gets planted about 600 mm deep and 500 mm of the ground is standard but we can build up to 3m
Internal finishings
The internal walls are manufactured from S5 grade timber 50 x 38 mm or 76 x 38 mm. This depends with the size of the Log house. The uprights of the internal walls are spaced 450 mm center to center. After installation the frame gets cladded with 6 mm Rhinoboard drywall.  (Painting of walls not included), Vermont Nutec is also available for interior cladding.
6.4 mm Rhinoboard ceiling with bishop strips is used, the ceiling board gets fitted onto the 38 mm battens which are spaced 400 mm apart.( The sisolation gets fitted into the roof cavity.) Only upon customer request and will be an extra cost.
External Doors
All external doors are manufactured from Pine timber. There is a choice of two types of external doors: Double French door (When in open position 1.8 m) or a Sliding door (When in open position 0.900 mm). These doors are Standard cottage panes.
Door locks
NB: The client must provide his/her own keys the will fit for him /her. Or the client will have an option of fitting for himself/herself. This is for security reasons
Well designed trusses, which is gang nailed are used for construction when it is necessary. Corrugated iron, Onduline or harveytile sheets can be used. Onduline is a bituminous corrugated roofing sheet developed over 50 years to provide outstanding weathering performance.

About Us

  • We have more than 9 years of experience
  • We build quality, strong and state art wooden houses
  • We build all sizes and all types of wendy houses, according to your needs
  • Our wendy houses are top of the range very durable, high quality and affordable
  • Our products are for sale to customers all over South Africa, whether you live in Cape Town (Western Cape), Johannesburg (Gauteng), Durban (Kwa-Zulu Natal) or Bloemfontein (Freestate).

Product Range:

  • Log cabins and homes
  • Wendy houses
  • Cottages (guest, grannies and baby sitters)
  • Offices (comfortable, secure and weather-friendly top)
  • Sheds (tool sheds, garages and general sheds)
  • Classrooms (schools,creches,
  • Decks

Log Cabin and Home: Our Log Cabin and Home wall panels frames are constructed with 38mm/50mm pine beams/ 38mmx76mm depending with the size of the house and cladded with either 16mm, 22mm or 32mm depending on customer’s specifications or needs. We use both CCA and non CCA treated Log profiles. Panels are cladded painted with penetrating oil treatment(waxoil) with specified tint( mahogan or deep brown). For high quality log cabins, speak to the team today.

Wendy Houses are solid timber structures that are great for storage purposes or ideal to live in. The difference between a wendy house and a garden shed is that the latter doesn’t have windows. The wendy houses constructed by Mutwamvi are designed with higher walls to make it easy to move around in. We manufacture the wendy houses on-site take care of the installation. As we’ve mentioned before, you can expect only the best quality when ordering a wendy house from us. If you are looking for a wendy house that is durable and affordable, you have come to the right place. Get in touch to request a wendy house quote today.

Terms & Conditions

  • All quotes are valid for a period of 30 day’s from date of the quotation.
  • All quotes are subjected to the availability of goods and / or services. Price is subjected to change due to: Currency fluctuations, variations in goverment induced duties and taxes and/or statutory labour charges
  • All prices include erection and delivery costs
  • All prices quoted above exclude any tilling, painting, plumbing, electricity, light fittings and cupboards, unless other wise specified.
  • All prices quoted above exclude any cost incurred to erect the goods on a slope of more than 600 mm or more.
  • Delivery will take place 2-4 days from date of deposit
  • Payment (only bank guaranteed cheque’s or cash will be accepted) will be required as follow:
    60% of the contract price as deposit upon placement of the order;
    b. 30% of the contract price upon completion of the roof structure;
    c. 10% Balance on final inspection.
  • No cancellations or variations to this agreement shall be valid unless confirmed in writing by Mutsamvi construction Company
  • Ownership shall pass to the customer on receipt of full payment by Mutsamvi Construction Company , after which all keys to the unit will be handed to the customer.
  • Risk regarding units to be erected on site, shall pass to the customer upon initial delivery of materials on site.
  • Risk regarding pre-erected units shall pass to the customer upon delivery there off on site.
  • The customer is liable for the provision of suitable accommodation (at his own cost) for the employees of Mutsamvi Construction Company, should they not be able to stay on site where the units are being erected.
  • It is the obligation of the customer to submit all building plans to the local authority, and to obtain the necessary approval from them. Plan submitting and engineering fees not included in the quotation.
  • All quotes are subject to conditions of sale.
  • A generator must be supplied by the client including petrol

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Office 0125 Premium Towers 296 Pretorius Street, Pretoria, 0002

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